Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We have been fingerprinted

Nathan and I just got back this afternoon from a wonderful anniversary getaway where we were able to enjoy great time together at the Whitestone Inn outside of Knoxville. We were able to get a good start on some writing projects we've felt called to as well. Yesterday was our fingerprinting appointment in Nashville, the last step before the U.S. can grant us approval to adopt. We were blessed to be able to have dinner with Nathan's sister Ashley, who now lives in Nashville, and stay the night with a wonderful Christian family.
We are very excited and hopeful that as soon as we receive the USCIS approval document we can get our dossier certified and sent to Ethiopia. At that point we will be put on the waiting list for a referral. It is still a 9-11 months for an infant girl, but that is always subject to change. When we turn in our dossier, probably in October, unless the USCIS surprises us, we are going to need a little over $7000 to turn in along with it. So far, we have received $5600 which has covered all of our expenses so far almost exactly. I added up the total of what we have spent so far and it was $5619. We are trusting the Lord to provide this amount sometime in the next few months in a miraculous way! He is so faithful!
I have begun to apply for some grants. One application is in the mail and several more will be finished within the next few weeks. Please pray for favor from those who make the decisions regarding the applications. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf!

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