Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Referral Day!!!!!

We could not be more excited that today we had the blessing of getting a referral for a beautiful 15 month old baby girl! She has the most beautiful smile in her pictures! She is so precious and beautiful and her name is actually a few letters rearranged from the name the Lord gave us for her--Brielle. We don't know what it means in her native language, but as far as I can tell online, in other languages, it might actually be derived from Gabriel (which is what Brielle) is derived from and means "God is my might!" How amazing is that?!!! I can't actually post her name or pictures until we pass court which I hope will be sometime in July. We will be traveling for court and should find out exactly when in a couple of weeks. My heart has felt like it was about to be torn from longing to see her face and know who she is the past couple of days. How sweet of the Lord to bring our referral today. It couldn't have been more perfect timing. We get to celebrate with all of the Tarr family this weekend, and then my parents are coming into town next week for my Dad's and Carson's birthdays. What a glorious time of celebration. Please pray for Brielle's health as she is on nutritional rehabilitation for malnourishment and just recovered from pneumonia. I can't wait to be able to give updates as we get them. We are hoping one of the families traveling next month will be able to take pictures of her and a care package. Thank you for your prayers and support this whole process. We are so blessed!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We are Next in line for a Referral!

Well, as far as we know, we are #1 on the referral list for our baby girl. The two precious families in front of us both received theirs today. I can't believe it! I am so excited to finally see who our Brielle is, but I trust the Lord's perfect timing. Once we get our referral, we will travel to Ethiopia approximately 4-6 weeks later for our court date. We will then return home and wait 4-12 weeks for the US embassy to process their own investigations and clear us for her visa. We will then return and get to FINALLY bring her home with us! Please pray for all the details to go smoothly and for peace and joy as we continue to wait.